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Meet the new Aikens Sales Manager - Patrick Trudel!

Oct 16, 2007

Smile!After 8 seasons, still getting fired up over big walleyes!Another trophy walleye for Pat

We have a very exciting announcement to share with everyone… We are extremely proud to present to you our new Sales Manager, Patrick Trudel! You are likely already very familiar with Pat, our head guide since 2005. He has actually been with Aikens since the summer of 2000, but he has really excelled in the last 3 years since becoming head guide. Pat will bring his tireless energy and outstanding people skills to a new year-round position that was created just for him.  Pat will play a major part in our marketing efforts and he’ll certainly be in contact with many of you this fall. Don’t worry however; he’s not trading in his fishing rod just yet! Although the eventual plan is to have Pat in a full time management role (aka: not working as hard), for 2008 he will remain as head guide… and in subsequent years he will still suit up for special assignments.

“Mononcle Pat” and a very happy AnnikaPat's main duties in the winter will be as our frontman... coordinating our marketing efforts and helping bring old friends back to Aikens, as well as introduce many new faces to the wonders of the "Aikens Experience". He will be attending most of the shows we are going to this winter (show schedule, likely to be 7 shows, to be posted later this month). Pat will also help setup the Corporate Winnipeg Shorelunch (we held the first annual last year and it was highly successful), and possibly more in other cities. Pat will also begin to throw some "Trudel-spice" into our newsletter, as he will begin updating it on a regular basis. In fact, most of the entries this winter will be authored by Pat! Other duties will include some client phone calls and bookings, follow ups and callbacks of contacts, helping out with mailouts, sportshow follow ups, office support, and of course a hectic month of April when we start gathering supplies for the upcoming season! During the summer, Pat will continue to That sly smile… what are you up to?be an invaluable person at the lodge. As mentioned, he will still be the head guide for one last season. Pat is a leader that our staff loves and he does a great job in that capacity. In preparation for this promotion, Pat has already helped out with the opening and closing of the lodge for the past two seasons and he's been expanding his knowledge of the "Aikens underbelly" (aka: Lund and motor maintenance, generator and power supply, water pumps and plumbing, CAT-5 and communications networks, etc). With his new role, it appears Pat will be a fixture at Aikens for the long term! Pat, we are ecstatic that you have decided to join the Aikens management team and we know that you will excel in your new capacity much the same way you have excelled in your guiding over the years. We look forward to many, many years of working side-by-side with you. Let's rock this town!