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Big Molly's Bar

Big Molly's is open daily for happy-hour drinks before dinner then again as soon as the sun goes down.

Big Molly

Enjoy the Night Life

Aikens Lake provides the pinnacle in night life experience. Once you have had a chance to reminisce about your experiences on the lake with your cabin mates, Big Molly's Bar gives you a platform on which you can really brag about the lunker you fought and landed. This licensed lounge, a unique feature in the fly-in industry, is located in the main lodge and offers hours of fun and relaxation playing pool, shuffleboard, poker, or maybe just spinning fishing yarn with your friends over a few drinks. Many popular brands of beer, wine and spirits as well as creative shooters and varied snacks are available.

Our young and vibrant staff will greet and serve you in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Most of our staff is working at Aikens during their university years and they are a very interesting bunch to chat with! Big Molly's Bar is the perfect place to trade fishing secrets with our staff, as well as with some of the other guests in camp. At Aikens, there are enough hotspots to go around. Our guides do not hide their spots, but rather share their knowledge at Big Molly's Bar to any available ears. Also, with some accomplished musicians on staff, it isn’t uncommon to be serenaded by our team till the wee hours! Big Molly’s is a place for camaraderie, enjoyment, laughter, and sharing.

Bar closes at 1 a.m. unless otherwise approved by management.

Complimentary Happy Hour

As you get back to the lodge from a great day of fishing, come in to Big Molly’s to share your success stories with other anglers. Your smiling bartender will make sure the beer is cold and the drinks are well-mixed! Our complimentary happy hour runs from 5:30 p.m. through until the end of dinner.

Cold Draught

The most unique feature of Big Molly's Bar is the draught tap, which serves fresh, cold, Bud Light and Kokanee beer. It is the perfect night cap for any successful day on the lake. Share a cold draught beer with friends in our cozy clubroom. This said, we also have an impressive array of spirits, liquors, beer, and wine.

Fun & Games

After you’ve had another session on the lake during the very productive dusk hours, make sure you stop in to Big Molly’s before heading back to your cabin for a good night’s rest. When you spend an evening in Big Molly's Bar, there is always something happening. It is home to a bank shuffleboard table, a pool table, and a few card tables. You can set up tournaments or challenge other guests and staff. There is always a challenger for you at Big Molly's Bar. There is also a quiet and relaxing screened-in porch on the outside of the building for those who would like to relax while enjoying their night-cap.

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Aikens Lake provides the pinnacle in Night Life experience at Big Molly's Bar. Come reminisce about your experiences on the lake, or brag about the lunker you fought and landed over a couple of drinks. Big Molly's is open daily for happy-hour drinks before dinner then again as soon as the sun goes down.

Screened-In Porch

Directly adjacent to the bar is our great screened-in porch. It often offers a cooler, quieter area to hang out while still in the bar atmosphere. Listen to the loons signing or the waves lap up on the beach, watch an incoming lightning storm, or feel the cool breeze off the lake. As all of our buildings are non-smoking, the porch is also the ideal place to enjoy a good cigar!

Relaxing lounge

Relaxed Lounge, Couch, and computer area: For those in a more relaxed mood, we offer a comfortable alternative to spending your evening at Big Molly's Bar. Located in the main lodge, but separate from the bar, is a very cozy lounging area. It has a few of couches, rocking chairs, a fireplace, and a television with DVD. It also houses two computers, a phone, and a wireless connection that are all available at no charge to our valued guests! Although it’s been a conscious decision not to introduce satellite TV to our lodge, we do have an extensive library of movies new and old. Feel free to spend your entire evening relaxing in the cozy lounge.

Campfires on the Beach

You are more than welcome to have a campfire on the spacious front beach. When the sky is clear, you will be amazed at just how many stars there really are up there! If you are lucky enough, the Northern Lights might come out to dance as well (this phenomenon usually occurs in late-summer at Aikens). There is no better way to unwind than when you are sharing good times around a campfire. Tell some jokes, share some beers, and laugh away another great day of fishing at Aikens Lake. Just ask our dockhands beforehand to prepare the fire pit for you. Our dockhands will set up chairs and will leave you enough firewood to last you through till morning.


Aikens Lake has a dynamic and exciting line of souvenirs and knick-knacks thanks to Julie, our “Souvenir Queen”! The full line can now be found in our main office, known as the Ursa Major. A complete souvenir line of Aikens Lake Wear, including shirts, caps, jackets, vests, and sweatpants, is available. Other items such as card decks, shooter glasses, beer mugs, beach balls, and water bottles can also be purchased. If unsure of sizes, our friendly staff can make suggestions or even try on some of the clothes so that you always go home with the right fit.