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Master Anglers Club

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Trophy Fish Sizes

Trophy sizes are defined by the province of Manitoba.


71 centimetres / 28 inches (approximately 7 to 8 pounds)

Yellow Perch

33 centimetres / 13 inches

Northern Pike

105 centimetres / 41 inches (approximately 18 to 20 pounds)


55 centimetres / 22 inches

Lake Trout

90 centimetres / 35 inches (approximately 20 pounds)


75 centimetres / 30 inches


45 centimetres / 18 inches

Bogosian 2014 32 24616222583 o
Syngenta cps 2014 37 25216638516 o
Baruch 2014 14 25242846905 o
Stubler 2015 15 24612294094 o
Flavin 0072 25124829272 o

Aikens Lake Honour

We have our own in-house recognition for Master Anglers.

During our nightly dinner presentations, we present each Master Angler with an 8x10 photo of their catch and a personalized “Master Angler’s Club” mug (not available for purchase — they must be earned!). We also update our Facebook page daily with the day’s catches, and showcase all our trophy fish in the Master Angler Database, which you can search above. For the lucky anglers that catch five trophy walleyes during their Aikens careers, we present to them a personalized blue Tournament Series St-Croix Legend jigging rod (valued at $250) so they can continue to reel in those big ones in style!

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