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Spacious dock greets everyone upon arrival

The dock is 110 feet long and ten feet wide. The ”T” at the end now spans 40 feet! Sporting an extended wing on the north end, the super-sized dock will offers plenty of real estate to those dock-bite aficionados in the spring. Over the years, we’ve had some truly fantastic fishing right off the dock. Just ask your guide if the “Dock-bite” is on. If so, then from the comfort of a lawn chair and on Terra Firma, get ready to reel in lunker Walleyes after supper.

Luggage Service

At Aikens, don’t expect to have to carry your bags up to your cabin. Our friendly staff will take care to load and unload your gear with care, and will deliver them right to your front door!

“Guide Dock” is home to impressive Lund fleet

We are proud to boast one of the nicest fleets of guide boats of the business. Located just south of the main dock, our guide dock is home to over a dozen luxurious Lund Alaskan boats. These luxurious guide boats have an ultra-smooth ride and padded vinyl swivel-seats, and a walk-through floor design (no benches!) The Alaskans feature a power-trimmed 50 hp.engine, a 55 lbs. thrust MinnKota trolling motor, LMS 332-C Lowrance depth finders and automatic live wells. Extremely sturdy, these boats are the ideal platform from which one can enjoy a comfortable, effective and safe outing on the lake. Each guest at Aikens (unless otherwise arranged) has the pleasure of fishing with a guide in one of these boats for the duration of their stay.

Comfortable Boats & Dependable, Greener Motors

An absolute must for a good day on the lake is dependable, safe equipment. With a commitment to cleaner technologies, we are proud to have switched to four-stroke engines back in the early 90’s when they were first being prototyped. We are extremely satisfied that they produce the least pollution, least noise and least vibration while providing the highest fuel economy and performance. Enjoy a nice quiet ride without all the vibration and exhaust of the old 2-stroke engines.

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With your days spent out on the lake, we understand that the last thing our guests want to be doing is logging their gear up and down from the dock. That's why our friendly dock staff are more than happy to greet you as soon as you dock your boat to help you unload and share your excitement of the day's great catch. For whenever you're planning to head out next, our staff will make sure to have your boat cleaned and refueled, so you can fish worry free.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our dock staff is mechanically-inclined to ensure that you will not have any unexpected breaks during your day. For inexperienced drivers, dockhands and guides are prepared to take you for a quick spin to show you the correct handling procedures. Since Aikens is not a huge lake and doesn’t have many hidden rocks, it is easy to navigate around. We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail when it comes to choosing and maintaining quality boats and engines.

Coming back to the lodge

As you return to the dock after a successful day on the lake, the staff is always smiling as they greet you back. They help you unload your gear and will clean & refuel your boat for the evening fish. They love to share in your excitement of a great day’s catch and will often trade stories with you on the Bait & Tackle porch.

Night Fishing

After a great supper, the dockhands are again on-site to help you load up for evening fishing. With sunlight until 10:30 p.m. in June (decreasing to about 8:30 PM in late August), you still have plenty of quality fishing time left. The lake is easily navigable and beacons flash on the only two obstacles between you and the lodge. A safe and enjoyable night of fishing is our guarantee! Dockhands will ensure that all boats are in before they go to bed.