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Corporate Retreats

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Why is Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge the perfect place for a corporate trip?

For starters, we’ve specialized in hosting corporate groups for nearly 30 years. Our remote setting in the midst of a boreal forest lends itself to creative thinking, quality conversations and team bonding. It’s easy to get here–fly from anywhere in North America and arrive to watch the sunset over Aikens Lake that same day–and once you walk off the floatplane, life only gets easier. Hand-crafted luxury cabins, five-star service and gourmet dining including fresh walleye shorelunch prepared by your guide over the open fire are signature aspects of The Aikens Experience.

Exclusive usage

Guests often tell us Aikens is like a whole different world. With a corporate group, you can have that world to yourself. Enjoy exclusive access to the entire lodge, staff and Great Gray Owl mini lodge with any group of 24 or more. We can comfortably host up to 32 people at the main lodge.

Our staff is devoted to taking care of your every wish. We’ll pre-stock cabins with all your favorite snacks and drinks, and facilitate any celebrations, workshops or activities anywhere on our property.

Imagine a lunch-time training seminar on an island at one of our group shorelunch stations with a dozen boats bringing your team to a scenic spot for a mid-day feast.

Great fishing with first-class equipment

Aikens is an excellent fishing destination for first-timers and experts alike. Our quality guides (one for every 2-3 guests), state-of-the-art gear and fleet of supremely comfortable boats with 60hp engines makes fishing our private lake both fun and easy.

We provide everything you need. Good fishing is found within minutes of the lodge so outings can last as long or short as you'd like.

Our professional guides are equally adept at teaching beginners how to fish and helping serious anglers master a specific technique or pursue the biggest fish of their lives. Of course, newbies often land the catch of the day.

Manitoba Master Angler walleyes and pike are not uncommon. Neither are moose, eagle or other wildlife sightings; a day on the water can consist purely of boating around the lake, taking in the sights and enjoying conversation with team members and clients.

Flexible packages

You name it, we can do it. We understand how valuable your guests are to you and we are uniquely able to accommodate everything from arrival times to custom activities to special dietary needs.

Our guides are flexible, so if your business needs include an afternoon meeting rather than fishing, our guides are ready to take you fishing after dinner for an awesome dusk walleye bite.

If you’d like, we’ll set up volleyball tournaments, beachside bonfires, voyageur cultural experiences, karaoke, fishing derbies and golfing from the dock. Let us put our 30 years of experience to use in tailoring the perfect trip specifically for your group.

Easy to get here

When you’re watching a moose swim across Aikens Lake you feel a world away, but in reality we’re only 90 minutes from Winnipeg Airport and can be reached within a day’s travel from anywhere in North America. We can arrange your travel details for you and pick you up at the airport.

Smaller groups

If you have a group of 6 to 12, consider our remote Great Grey Owl Mini-Lodge (GGO), across the lake from our main lodge. You’ll be similarly pampered with a group concierge, private guides and gourmet meals, and your group can share our exclusive luxury cabin.

GGO is well-suited for board/sales meetings, seminars or planning sessions.

Uninterrupted time

Quality bonding time goes hand-in-hand with the Aikens Experience. Relaxing boat rides on a pristine lake. Catching your first fish or a personal best. Spotting a moose and its calf, savoring a leisurely shorelunch, swapping stories about new adventures over happy hour–during experiences like these, the guard comes down between co-workers, customers and friends.

Aikens offers uninterrupted face time, away from cell phones and other interruptions so that each moment is an opportunity to bond one-on-one.

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The bottom line

The bottom line on any corporate trip is a return on the investment. We know that. And we deliver it–please call us for referrals or check out our testimonials online.

Fact is, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is uniquely equipped to provide a remarkable corporate group experience. Let us do the work, and treat your top customers and most valuable employees to a luxury wilderness retreat unlike any other.