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Master Angler numbers sky-high!

Jul 4, 2004

The Master Angler pace is heating up with the weather. As of July 3rd, anglers at Aikens Lake have caught and released 58 trophy fish (39 Walleye, 9 Northern Pike, 6 Lake Trout and 4 Whitefish). This number compares favourably with our record breaking pace of 2003 where we stood at 54 on July 3rd. After a wet, windy and clod spring, the big 'eyes have started to hit with consistency and the cold, high water has kept the magnificent pike in the shallow bays. Trophy lake trout are being caught and released in new and sometimes unlikely hot spots. The advent of hot and stable weather in July and August could give Aikens Lake a shot at a new record and an average of 1 Master Angler Trophy per two guests. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive for that new record!