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We are back!  2nd half underway

Jul 13, 2010

Dan’s first trophy on Aikens!   Dan takes the kids on a canoe ride  Dan gets mauled by the kids as he receives his trophy picture and mug First off, we have to apologize for the length between posts!  Truth be told, we were all on vacation!  As is our custom, we fly out the staff for just over a week in early July.  Traditionally the first week of July has not been sought after by our clientele, and so we use it as an opportunity to let everyone sleep in a little bit and reconnect with loved ones.  It gives everyone a chance to recharge their batteries.  We work hard and we play hard up here, and so that break is needed (although often our staff would prefer to work right through it!)  Whether we like it or not, working 7 days a week does take a toll on us all!  This scheduled break is the perfect way for us to give everyone that boost so that our second half goes as well as the first half did! At the lodge, Julie and Pit hosted Julie's family for the first part of the break.  Although fishing was very good, it was tough to get all the kids (5 in all) organized to go out fishing so we only got out on the lake a handful of times.  Julie's brother-in-law Dan caught a Master Angler (or Monster Angler as the kids call them) at Middle Gull.  His 5-year old son Joel was not interested in jigging, so his rod was placed in the rod holder.  When the trophy fish hit and Joel's rod was doubling over,  he wanted nothing to do with it!  Dan tried to convince him to reel it in because we could tell it was a big one, but Joel was already decided.  Dan had to reel it in himself and to his delight the fish ended up being a really healthy 28" by 13" walleye.  The fish was Dan's slump-buster, and he finally got the mug he so coveted (and one that his wife and mother-in-law both already owned!).  For the second part of the break, our newlyweds Pat and Janelle hosted their parents and siblings.  It was during this very same break last year that Pat popped the question to Janelle in front of their close family.  They spent some good days in the Back Bay kneeboarding and tubing, but again the fishing was scarce because of the high winds. Meanwhile, our staff was back home and busy traveling all over Manitoba and Canada during our break!  It was a great opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, and of course girlfriends and boyfriends!  Many went to the Winnipeg Folk Festival - a huge outdoor music extravaganza that lasts 4 days.  Some went to Countryfest in Dauphin.  Some traveled back home from the Western border of Manitoba all the way to the Eastern border of Ontario!  The guides had the opportunity to restock those tackle boxes with all of the lures that the fish loved in the first half.  And of course, they all took the opportunity to sleep in a little bit and catch up on those Z's! So all in all, it was a good way for everyone to spend the last ten days.  Everyone is really psyched up about our busy 2nd half to the season.  The fish are now squarely on the classic summer spots, and we are ready to get back in the Saddle again (like the pun?!?)  Look for our regular updates to get back on track as well.  Thanks for following along with us online!