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Walleyes found deep

Oct 2, 2004

Well, we are now in the closing week of the season. There are no guests left, and we are just in the midst of locking everything up for the winter. However, we did find some time to go out walleye fishing this morning. We were able to land a dozen walleyes in just over an hour. Although that does not sound impressive, consider that 7 of them were 24" plus, and we were fishing in 55 feet of water! We had a double-header of 26.5" and 27"! We were using jigging spoons and the action was hot! Thankfully, with our slow reeling, we were able to keep all the walleyes alive (because reeling in fish from deep water can give them the bends, and they can't get back down). The trophy count still stands at 254.