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Vintage boat converted to large planter!

May 30, 2006

May 159s.jpg

When we first purchased the lodge in 1988, there was an old trapper that lived on the beach where Gray Owl now stands.  He had wanted to sell us his old yawl, a 20 foot boat that was primarily used on Lake Winnipeg (the 10th largest lake in the world).  These sturdy boats could withstand heavy waves and helped lay the foundation for commercial fishing on Lake Winnipeg.  The boat we acquired sat idle for all these years, resting under some trees near the filleting shack... way past its prime and no longer sea-worthy. Lorraine had always had a vision of using this boat in a decorative sense.  This spring, she decided to bring that vision to reality.  With alot of elbow grease, the yawl was sanded and repainted.   After it was stengthened and filled with sand and soil, Lorraine got to work and started planting!  She brought dozens upon dozens of flowers, vines, and plants for the inside of the boat.  We have plans to paint sunsets on the outside of the boat, and to restore and add our vintage 60's Johnson outboard.  The yawl now sits prominently in front of the Boardwalk Chalets, and you can see the flowers every time you walk up from the dock.  Thankyou very much Lorraine, the yawl looks fantastic!