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Update on Construction

Aug 4, 2006

July 172s.jpgJuly 170.jpg

The construction crew has been hard at work... as they have been all year! For those that haven't seen the lodge since last summer, you are really going to be noticing some great changes! One of the changes that won't be seen by many guests, but that is a great addition to the lodge, is the new laundry facility. The existing facility was adequate, but it really lacked space to store all of the new linens and towels. Also, when the camp is full, the washing capacity was a bit lacking. The new "caillebo" will have two sets of industrial washers and dryers, as well as a household set of washer and dryer. There will be tons of storage space for all of the linens and towels. There will be a dedicated sewing area, a chemical room for the mops and cleaners, a carport where the girls can load and unload the golf cart while being sheltered by the rain. We are planning to move the operations to the new facility in the spring of 2007!