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Sunset Chalet construction under way

Jun 10, 2006

June 154s.jpg
As you have no doubt read, we have been very busy this year renovating our lodge, as well as replacing existing buildings.  "Le Canot" was a huge project and it still needs a lot of finishing work.  Its construction enabled us to replace the small brown cabins that were currently housing our male staff. Today, we have now "broken ground" on our latest project... the Sunset Chalets!  These two beautiful cabins will sit nestled in between Park Place and the Boardwalk Chalets.  They will overlook the beach and of course will share in the great view of our sunsets on Aikens Lake.  Each cabin will house 4 people and they will be ready for our big PWT Celebrity Shootout event in September.  As always, stay tuned to this newsletter page for updates on the construction and other Aikens happenings!