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Stats Correction

Aug 12, 2009

JJ (2nd from left) in 2001 - the year his 3-peat was broken We have been told, in no uncertain terms, that our stats on the Little Hammered Olympics are flawed.  I suppose we don't keep meticulous records of these events, and upon further inspection it turns out that Marcel is NOT the first person to win three titles in a row. Jason Fillion (aka: JJ, 2nd from left), was a three-time champion of the Little Hammered Olympics from 1998-99-00.  He also won the silver medal in 1997.  In an effort to stop this reign of terror, the teams were rigged in 2001 to prevent JJ from winning yet another time.  Mitch (far left) had undergone back surgery, Danelle (far right) had injured her knee and wore a brace, Julie (2nd from right) had been having back pains, and Peter Ohman (middle) was a last-second addition to the team.   Despite the odds, they almost did conquer all! So as it turns out, Marcel and JJ are tied for the most consecutive wins at 3 apiece.  Now we'll have to see if the 4-peat can break the tie for Marcel in 2010!  Thanks for the clarification JJ.