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Sportshow Season A Success!

Apr 14, 2008

Happy people w/ fly tied by Pat

Dearest Aikens newsletter readers, spring is in full swing here in Manitoba. Meaning only a few more short weeks before we open up our favorite fishing hole. Looking back on the past 5 months, I contemplate the numerous new experiences and challenges I've had the pleasure of being part of. Aikens' Sportshow circuit made this winter one of the most memorable aspects of my long-standing relationship with the lodge. Just like the Johnny Cash tune says: "I've been everywhere man...". From the hot, dry, thorn-brush abounding lands of south Texas; the very busy venue in Chicago; the always welcoming Kansas City cheer;Waiting for the show to begin the mile-high peaks of Denver, CO.; the western Canadian hub Calgary (cow-town); the easy living in Arizona (thanks Turbo); the stunning lights and sounds of downtown Toronto; and finally, the mecca of outdoors men, Minneapolis saw us leave in the year's last snowstorm. This winter of travel permitted me discover tons of new cities and also offered welcome breaks in the -40 degree weather Winterpeg is known for! As my frequent flyer miles add up, I reflect and think of the thousands of people I had the pleasure of meeting. Funny thing is, everyone had the same passion (regardless of age, experience or citizenship), they all wanted to share stories of angling prowess and the continuous struggles of the Quest for the Big One! Being employed at one of the worlds foremost fresh water fishing lodges gave me a certain edge in most discussions involving walleye/pike/lake trout tactics. This didn't stop me from picking up a few neat tricks that I can't wait to apply to our gem of a lake. Home is where the booth isI'd like to personally thank everyone on the behalf of the Aikens Lake Sportshow team (Pit, Julie, Gerry, Denis and myself- Patrick) for having come out and seen us in the booth. I couldn't get over how many folks knew about the lodge and it was great to talk many other people that I hadn't seen in years (hope to see you back at the lodge)! Although my travels for this year have come to an end, I'll be sure to keep my lines of communication open for us to discuss any and every detail that makes Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge the best fly-in fishing experience in the business. To the new guests, we're are looking forward to hosting you and we'll be sure to give you a 100% everyday on and off the water. And for those that couldn't make it out to the shows this year, don't worry, we'll hook up next year!

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