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Sam Cannon does it again!

Jun 17, 2008

Our accomplished anglers- The Cannons

Whether it's fishing for Sail fish in the Florida Keys or wrangling Mahi-Mahi in the Bahamas, Sam Cannon seems to know how to boat these monsters. His prowess is no different here at Aikens. Accompanied by his charming wife Jacque (another accomplished and avid angler), Sam has finessed four trophy fish in the past two years. In itself this feat is impressive, but what sets this streak apart from most others is that this lucky fisherman has succeeded in catching a Master Angler fish in all of our "Big Three" species! In 2007, Sam and Jacque arrived at Aikens after a long absence away from our pristine waters. Shortly after arriving they met their guide (Mitch) and the rest as they say is history. The bar was set high from the early onset: they wanted trophy pike and trophy walleye. Mitch, tightened his belt, flipped his rally cap and set out to put these determined guests on the fish they seek. After much effort, trolling and jigging Sam ended up with a monstrous 41.5" Pike and a beautiful 28" Walleye caught on Pit's Point no less!

Mitch displays Sam's trophy Pike Sam and his second of the Trifecta

This year's trip came with much anticipation. How to top such a successful adventure the year prior? This question bounced around Mitch's head as he waited on the dock while Sam and Jacque's plane taxied towards the dock. The answer was simple. Keep showing our fine clientèle some of the most outstanding freshwater fishing the world has to offer. Aikens' coffers opened up for Sam once again (actually twice). This fortunate angler boated TWO trophy Lake Trout in one morning! The first beast hit on what we refer to as a Jig&Magic in 40 feet of water on the Eastern side of Chris' Corner at 8:55 am. Sam deftly worked rod and reel to quickly guide a impeccably healthy 40"er into the net. The fish drew quiteA Leviathan from the depths a crowd, and numerous praises and congratulations were exchanged amidst a flurry of "high-fives". After the adrenaline ebbed off, Sam, Jacque and Mitch conferred and decided that rather than ending a unforgettable morning of fishing at noon for shorelunch, they'd push their luck till One 'o clock. What a faithful decision! Sam, now used to muscling big fish, hooked and landed his second trophy Laker at 12:30 pm. This fish taped out at 35" and was just as plump as its larger counterpart. This one hit on a Jig&Black Magic in 38 feet on the West end of Chris'. Both fish had been feeding on Whitefish and were gorging on anything else they could fit down their gullet.

Mitch cradling a fish at least twice his ageSam and his 40Sizing up the second trophy!Lightning strikes twice (35Aikens fishing: Two Thumbs up!

Sam you might want to consider sitting back and watch your wife reel in the next lunkers you hook into at Aikens... Once again congratulations on such a magical day of fishing. And for those envious outdoors people, don't fret both fish were successfully released and are awaiting the next lucky angler to dangle some magic from their rod.