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Record high waters!

Aug 13, 2009

Main dock underwater! Where Life’s a beach… or not! In all the years we've been at the lodge (21 and counting), and all the years the Bluewater pilots have been flying into Aikens (38 and counting), we have never seen the water so high!  We just finished a 15-day streak where we had at least 10 minutes of rain a day.  After we had one sunny day, and new 4 day streak was started! Well, we are finally into some great weather (90 degrees) for the past three days.  However, all of the runoff from the rain is still flowing into Aikens and the water level - which had started abating in mid-July - is now higher than the original crest!  It is coming up at about a 1/2" per day.  Hopefully this sunny streak slows the trend, and eventually reverses it. The pictographs are all wet! As you can see in the pictures, our dock is now about 6 inches under water.  We are so happy we built the new one, because our old dock would have been about 30 inches under water!!!  Although the high water has created some logistical issues for docking planes and boats, it has also created some fun times for the kids as they can go splash around in the ankle high water!  The downside is that our front beach is non-existant!  The pictographs in the river are also almost completely under water! The recent rise had temporarily curtailed some of the hot bites on Aikens Lake, but the lake has awakened again and great slot walleye bites are being found on most summer patterns (the best of which is at Red Rock right now).  Lost Lake is also producing with a great 29.5" walleye caught the other night.  We have a very busy month of August lined up, then things we end our season with a nice relaxed month of September.  If you are considering a late-season trip, it's not too late to give us a call to set something up!