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Photo Essay: Best Wildlife Pics from Aikens Lake

Jul 11, 2017

Our Aikens friends know the feeling well. You’re cruising to your next fishing spot, turn the corner and BOOM––suddenly there’s a moose 50 yards ahead of you. Or you’re re-baiting your hook when the corner of your eye catches motion on the horizon and you look up to see a bald eagle fishing the same spot as you just snatched his own shorelunch.

Wildlife sightings are one of our favorite surprises at Aikens. Their frequency is one of the perks of the neighborhood. When you’re here, your only neighbors are the other inhabitants of Atikaki Provincial Park.

This spring we shared a photo essay of our favorite landscape and scenery shots at Aikens. To follow up on the concept, we wanted to share a new photo essay with you showcasing some of the wildlife photos our friends and guests have taken at Aikens.

There are many photos to choose from, but below is a small sampling of several favorites.

Thank you for sharing your photos and your wildlife stories with us––we love hearing about these encounters.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the remote wilderness we’re lucky to call home.