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"One spoon to rule them all" - trophy pike madness!

Aug 19, 2007

Raz with another trophy!Tom holds up his 2nd trophy pike of the afternoonTrevor releases his trophy pikeTim's first fish of the evening - slimy glory! The big pike have certainly come out of their mid-summer slumber! In the past week we've landed many trophy pike by trolling, reigniting the fire that had burned on Colin's Cruise in years past. All of the big fish have been caught while trolling over 15-20 feet of water, but using relatively shallow running baits. In fact, most of the trophy pike have attacked the "Williams Whitefish" gold or silver plated spoon... the one with the hammered finish. This spoon runs at a depth of only 5-6 feet, but there's something in the way it moves that triggers these big torpedoes to attack! Our head guide Pat has made a parallel with the "One Ring" from Lord Of The Rings lore. If you are familiar with the story, you know that it centers on the quest to destroy the "One Ring to Rule Them All". At Aikens, we certainly have "One Spoon to Rule Them All", but we aren't throwing it in the lake to get rid of it. Instead, we are using it to bring happy smiles to the many anglers who have enjoyed the success of landing a great big pike!