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New men's residence advancing on schedule

May 9, 2006

May 033s.jpg
If you were reading the news posts last fall, you are aware of the bold new project we have undertaken. Because of the age of some of our staff quarters, we needed a complete overhaul of our men's accommodations. For years, they had been staying in some of the original cabins from the 1950's and there just weren't enough amenities, floor space, or privacy needed to accommodate such a large staff. "Le Canot" is an apt name for the new cabin. It's the french word for canoe, but more importantly it was a favourite watering hole for a lot of our ex and current employees during the winter months in Winnipeg. However, that bar was recently sold and will be turned into condos next year... so we are hoping that we can continue the tradition of camaraderie and friendship in our new version of "Le Canot". The construction is progressing quickly and everyone is fired up about their new cabin! Le Canot's two storeys, 8 bedrooms, two screened in porches and large common rooms will provide ample space and amenities for our male staff. Here is a picture of Andre, Turbo, and Colin putting on some Tyvek. The inside is all framed and the electricians and plumbers are in there right now roughing it all in. This cabin should be ready for a mass move-in at the end of the month! Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.