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Janelle and Mathieu graduate!

Jul 12, 2011


We are very pleased and proud to announce the successful completion of university degrees for two of our Aikens staffers. Janelle Trudel and Mathieu Labossière each received their diplomas after years of hard work. Janelle graduated with honors from the faculty of Arts. Mathieu finished his degree (also with honors) in sciences. He will look to pursue his studies out East with the eventual goal to become a doctor of medicine. Janelle will set aside the study books to pursue her newest venture, a full-time position with the lodge. Our two graduates  looked very proud wearing their mortar boards and  holding their parchments. Also, Mathieu was recognized by the University's alumni and won a medal for his academic achievements and the betterment of students' school lives. Aikens has often been a spring board for students moving into their professional lives. We are happy to celebrate your great accomplishments.  Bravo to both of you and school's out for the summer!