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Hustler & Lawless dominate Aikens Lake

Jul 28, 2009

 Hustler’s “Babe Ruth” walleye For our Winnipeg followers, you will certainly recognize the names of Hustler and Lawless, which are synonymous with sports in Winnipeg.  These two lively characters have been hosting their own radio show (sports talk show) for the past few years on Winnipeg's most listened to radio station, CJOB 68.  Gary Lawless is also one of the main writers in the Winnipeg Free Press sports department.  Hustler has hosted many television shows pertaining to sports including the NFL and golf.  We have been working with them on their radio show since 2007.  Lawless originally learned about Aikens when he came up here in 2006 to cover our PWT Celebrity Shootout for the Winnipeg Free Press. Jay’s trophy during the 2-minute drill  Lawless ponders his next fish   Scott’s 42″ pike Seeing as how their show runs Mon-Fri from six to eight p.m. there wasn't a large window of opportunity for a trip to Aikens.  This had made scheduling difficult, but everything came together for a short 40 hour visit to Aikens over this past weekend.  What a whirlwind it was.  As Hustler put it, it was "total domination" on the lake!  On Friday's show, Hustler called his shot.  Although he has never really fished before, he predicted to all of the listeners that he would be a Master Angler on the first night.  It was like pointing to the outfield fence then hitting the home run.  To Lawless's disbelief, Hustler reeled in a 28" walleye after being here less than 4 hours!  The hot fishing didn't stop there - out of 4 guys, 3 of them came away with Master Angler awards.  It was an incredible stretch (only one full day plus one evening) of fishing for the group.  They also packed in as much excitement in Big Molly's Bar.  Their charisma shone through as they had everyone in stitches until the early morning hours in the bar.  The topic of choice was Hustler's Master Angler, which Gary still couldn't believe.  Thankfully, the storms that were swirling over the lake didn't develop enough and the two were able to fly out Monday morning to get ready for the big Monday night show. To hear about what the two thought of their time at Aikens, you can go into the Audio Vault on the CJOB website to listen in (link valid until August 27th).  Select July 27th @ 6PM.  Skip forward to about 6:07 PM for the start of their show.  They talk about their weekend for the first 5 minutes.   Here is the link... enjoy!