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GGO Opens up with a few new surprises

Jun 8, 2009

Opening Crew gets things ready at GGO Those of you that have seen the Great Gray Owl cabin on the Southern shoreline of Aikens Lake know that it is a wonderful and unique accommodation.  This magnificent log cabin annually hosts a number of groups from 8 to 12 people.  Those who have stayed there before are a fiercely loyal bunch because of the luxury, the unique remote appeal, and the incredible service they receive in an "out-of-the-way" setting. This year, Pat has traded in his Lund key for the GGO key.  He and Janelle are the proud host couple of the Great Gray Owl cabin for this year, and many more down the road.  This will be Janelle's 3rd year as the hostess at GGO, and for Pat it will be his first year in a role other than head guide!  They have already made a long laundry list of items they would like to address this year, both inside the cabin and outside of it.   The process began a few years ago, with the shorelunch area and shed storage, and will continue with fervor this season. Janelle inside GGO  Pat putting the final touches on the new shower  The new ice machine Already this spring, two major improvements have been made.  Firstly, there is a brand-new ice machine in the screened-in porch.  We no longer need to boat over the ice from the main lodge, and this machine is large enough that it will never run out of ice!  The other improvement is seen in the upstairs shower room.  We have replaced the small stand-up shower with a large full size 5' shower!  This was a recommendation we had heard a few times last year from our guests and we were only too happy to oblige this spring! At any rate, many small improvements are scheduled during the summer (including the use of Pat's favorite new toy... the wood chipper!)  Guests will certainly notice the attention to detail and the commitment to service that Pat and Janelle will provide this summer, and for years to come.  We are proud to open the front door of GGO this year and let our loyal groups re-enter their "Home, Sweet home!"