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Evening festivities after the first tournament day

Sep 21, 2006

PWT 323s.jpgPWT 325s.jpgPWT 314s.jpg Tonight, we had a special event that really blew the socks off the pros and the celebs... we had a concert! Turbo, Kik, and Andrina started off the music. Some of our favorites like "I fish walleye", "Yellow Rose", "Sweet Home Manitoba", and "Joanie" were played. Les Stroud, the Survivorman, is also the musical man! After about a half hour, he was finally lured to the stage. He pulled out his harmonica and played a rocking version of "Steamroller" with Andrina on vocals and Turbo playing guitar. Les left the stage and the band had a couple of more songs in them. When the musicians tried to stop playing, they were immediately vetoed by the crowd that wanted more! Dave and Dan joined in to sign some songs, then Les came back out to play one last one... this time on the guitar! A rousing rendition of Joe Cocker's "Feeling Alright" and the Stones "Satisfaction" brought everyone to their feet and capped off quite a concert! After the concert, the party was going strong with poker, pool, and shuffleboard games. Hoyt Corkins was able to avoid the same fate that his pro-poker counterparts had suffered the night before.... he actually won the game! Once again, if you would have walked in Big Molly's Bar last evening, you would have sworn everyone was longtime friends when in fact most of them had never met! What a special feeling and a special event!