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Day 4, things are going really well!

May 14, 2008

Since our last update, we have been hard at work getting the camp open and doing small projects. The new dock has been adjusted and skirted in the front. Our diesel generator has already received its annual maintenance. We have replaced a few of the hot water storage tanks in our awesome hot water re-circ line. The boats are getting their spring maintenance and are methodically being taken from storage and being put in the lake. Charlie with the season’s first walleye  Annika reeling in her first fish of the year, a small pike Pit and Kody waiting for a bite As far as the fishing is concerned, we had our first shore-supper on day 2. A few lake trout and some pike were on the menu... what a feast!  That day, it seemed that the walleye were still sleeping after a long hibernation. However, yesterday while Charlie was working on the dock, he had a line in the water and brought in the first walleye of the season, a big 24"! It looked spawned out and tired, so it could mean that the walleyes have already started spawning. There is still a lot of ice on the lake today (we can only get as far as Chris's Corner), so it is still a bit early for the walleyes to start spawning but maybe a few of them couldn't wait! Ice on the lake Julie and the kids arrived yesterday, along with Chef Jimmy.  Charlie had been doing a wonderful job in the kitchen in Jimmy's stead, but both were happy to hand over the reins.  The kids were so excited to get to "Aikens Lake", they ran straight to the trampoline we had setup last year.  Charlie and Gabe are on their way back to the city today, meaning we are going to be 7 adults and the 2 children in camp until the weekend.   On Saturday, we welcome all our friends and volunteers  (a crew of over 35 people!) for our annual "Molly's and Dolly's Week".  This is the week where we do a huge spring cleaning and get the camp ready for our first guests on the 24th.