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Need Corporate Retreat Ideas? Thank Your Best Customers by Taking Them Fishing

Jul 10, 2014

Sometimes you need to do something a little different to show a loyal customer that you appreciate their business. The occasional gift basket or invite to your company’s holiday party can be nice, but these things get a little old after a while. By doing something unexpected, like inviting them on a corporate retreat, can really show that you care.

While fishing may not necessarily be the first thing that comes to mind for a retreat, it can actually be the ideal way to show you appreciation. Not only can it be fun, but it can also be a great way to say thank you and even be a good opportunity to upsell. Here are a few reasons why taking your best customers fishing can be good for business.

Why Take Your Best Customers Fishing

  • It’s Relaxing. Many corporate retreats focus on extreme sports because people think these will be exciting. While they certainly can be a thrill, they are not always fun for everyone. Not everybody is ok with zip lining or whitewater rafting. For some individuals, these activities produce a lot of anxiety, which is of course the opposite of what you want. Why risk putting your best clients in an awkward position when you can easily do something that is not just fun, but relaxing as well?
  • It Lets You Talk. The key to a great corporate retreat is being able to have a dialogue. Fishing is ideal for this because it creates an environment that is perfect for conversations. When you are out there on the water waiting for a bite or if you are up at the lodge after a day of fishing, it’s easy to strike up a good conversation. You can build your relationship with your customer and hopefully sell them on additional products/services.
  • It’s Easy. If you choose a lodge with a staff experienced with handling corporate retreats, then it can take a lot off of your plate. In fact, when it comes down to the actual fishing, just about everything can be taken care of for you, meaning you can spend more time chatting with your customer.
  • It Opens Doors. One of the great things about going fishing is that it gets you out of your everyday environment. This is especially true for fly-in fishing trips, which are even more remote. Just being away from your regular hustle and bustle allows you, and your customers, to open up. This lets you talk to them like regular human beings and strengthens the relationship. It also has the added bonus of leaving your customer more open to input and more likely to be upsold, if that is your goal.
  • Anybody Can Do It. With other corporate retreat activities, you usually have to take into consideration the skill and physical limitations of your customer. Fishing, on the other hand, is all inclusive. In fact it’s entirely common for someone who has never fished before to get the biggest catch of the day.
  • It’s Pure Face Time. Because a fishing corporate retreat takes place away from computers and other distractions, you get uninterrupted face time with your customer. This lets you really build that relationship without having to fight for their attention. 
  • It’s an Excuse to go Fishing! On top of all of the great business reasons, you get to go fishing! You can be confident that both you and your client will have a good time, make some memories, and hopefully catch a few trophy fish to brag about.