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Construction update

May 14, 2007

May at Aikens 055s.jpgMay at Aikens 134s.jpg We have been very lucky with the weather thus far, and only today did we face our first rain delay! The good news is that we are well enough ahead that everybody is keeping busy inside with various finishing jobs. Here is an update on all of our work so far: Ursa Major: The cabin is now fully roughed in with electrical, plumbing, and communications. Adam and guides are putting the last of the insulation up right now. George and Charlie have now started to put the same great pine finish on the walls as we put in the lodge and the Sunsets last year. Grant has been crafting beds, vanities, and desks and as the walls go up he will start installing his creations in the cabin. New Laundry: Chuck and Andre have been hard at work over there. They have the exterior fully completed now in a great board & baton design. Most of the interior shelves are done, and the guides have finished the painting. All that’s left is to wait for our heating and cooling guys to bring the hot water to the cabin and we can begin the migration of machines, linens, and cleaning supplies from the old laundry into the new laundry. May at Aikens 061s1.jpgMay at Aikens 048s.jpg Great Gray Owl: GGO has received a lot of loving this spring! Denis and Beaker finished the new rod lockers last week. The dock has had some of the older boards replaced with shiny new ones and is as sturdy as ever. The old board & baton on the cabin itself has become black over the years, and Beaker will be done putting on a new rough pine look in the next day or two! It will really revamp the overall look and feel of the Great Gray Owl! The next project will be to replace the tarp covering the tables and cooking area at the shorelunch site with an actual tin roof! Sawmill: Phil and his boys chewed through more wood than a lake full of beavers! They have completely finished off our 2005 harvest and had started on the 2006 logs before returning to Winnipeg to rest and to clean the sawdust from their pores! Incredibly, while they were here they were able to keep up with the carpenters’ insatiable need for wood and keep every project rolling along without delay! If the wood wasn’t getting claimed as soon as it came off the blade, their pile would have been 25 feet high!