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Check Your Mailboxes!New calendar and newsletter sent out!

Dec 17, 2007

The new calendar and newsletter

Well as another year comes to term, we at Aikens would like to wish you (our humble readers) a most enjoyable Holiday Season and all the best in the New Year! Following tradition ,we spent last Thursday stuffing envelopes with our new calendar and newsletter to have them reach you before the end of December. Fueled by Boston Pizza and a few barley pops, we sealed over 1100 items containing our brand new stylish calendar featuring pictures of our pristine lodge in various settings. Also, the newsletter will inform you of current news at the lodge and of the fishing last season. The calendar will serve as a physical reminder as to why we all love our time spent at the lodge. A pricing grid is also included with the newsletter.

Martin hard at work!The Mailout Crew

We brought the whole bundle over to the Canada Post office downtown at the end of last week and so they should be arriving on your doorstep any day now! With the Trade Show season just around the bend, things for us at the lodge are gearing up to be quite the exciting winter! Speaking of winter, here in Winnipeg the snow is about a foot and half thick and we've just come out of frigid cold snap. Already, I can't wait to to sweat it to the oldies on the Saddle in July. Come on Summer! If you haven't received a package and would like this information pack, please contact me (Patrick) at and I'll gladly send it to you! Happy Holidays!