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Bringing in a new era

Mar 7, 2012


Aikens Lake 2012 Head Guide: Éric Toupin-Selinger

Managing a ten full-time guide crew is no easy task. Those late teen and twenty-something year olds have a lot of energy, drive and desire. It takes character, grit and resolve to lead them. That is what the team hopes to see in its Head Guide. Well, seek and ye shall find. It is with much cheer and pride that we introduce to you our newly minted Head Guide for the 2012 season, Éric Toupin-Selinger! Éric has been affiliated with Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge since 2006. Learning the ins and outs of the fishing game, Eric quickly identified himself as a sharp, charming and efficient guide on and off the water. But don't let Eric's zest and zeal for fishing fool you, Eric is also an impressive conversationalist. He is a veritable wealth of knowledge on many complex subjects of global impact. Trust us, pick his brain then sit back and get educated. Having spent the last five seasons combing the depths and mastering the shores of Aikens Lake, he is more than ready this new challenge. Walleye, Pike and Lake trout beware! Eric and our intrepid guide crew will wow you with their experience, technique and attitude. Eric is well-deserving of this position and has the respect and support of all the Aikens team.  Congratulations Éric! We look forward to seeing you on the water this spring. ChristianAs we bid adieu to another winter, we'd also be amiss to not recognize the farewell owed to a great friend and colleague of the lodge. In 2011 we had the the honor of having Christian "Kik" Dupont exemplifying what it takes to be the best of what the "Aikens Experience" has to offer. His seven year career on Aikens comes with a long list of accolades and some truly monster catches. Kik will be missed at the lodge, but we'll surely see him on the lake when the team calls out for his help. Kik is partnering up this summer with former Aikens staffers Daniel "DG" Garand and André "Fonzy" Fontaine. Their carpentry company FGBuilders will surely benefit from Kik's tireless effort. Thank you for all your great and hard work. Good luck buddy in your newest venture! All this talk of next season... Wow, the fishing bug is rearing its head. March Madness, for us, is more about watching snow melt and hearing the buzzer chime the start of spring!