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Back in the Saddle again!

Jul 20, 2009

Pat’s 29.5″ walleye at the Saddle This weekend we welcomed back staff and guests as our annual July break came to a conclusion.  Everyone was in great spirits as the planes whisked everyone back to this little slice of paradise we call home!  The break allows the staff (and us!) to get that much needed time to recharge the batteries.  For those of you that have been to Aikens before, you know that we don't take any days off up here so having the break is a great time to relax and look back on a very successful first half to our 2009 season.  It's also a great time to reconnect with friends and family and keep all those relationships strong as well. On the fishing side, it certainly didn't take long for the boys to find where the walleyes were hiding out.  As you'll recall, we had a very late spring with exceptionally high waters.  We are relieved to say that the waters are now finally receding... it was lapping at the top of our new dock when it crested less than two weeks ago!  When our break started in early July, the walleyes were still utilizing the river system and the shallow bays as their main hangouts.  However, with the warmer July weather and water, they have now moved onto all of the classic mid-summer reefs and structures!  Traditional places like the Gull Islands, South Arm, South Shore Reef, Bear Island, are hitting hard!  And of course, let's not forget our favorite spot, the Saddle!  Pat found a huge 29.5" in there on the first day back.   As you can see in the picture,  it is a very healthy fish with a big humpback, and it looks to have a lot of years left in it.  Let's hope we see it again when it is 31" or 32"! We have had a charged first half with lots of people getting their taste of the "Aikens Experience".  We had a good mix of returning guests and a whole crop of new guests that were very impressed with Aikens Lake.  The second half of our season will also be very busy, with only a few availabilities left in August.  September finally does calm down for us so if you are thinking of a late-season trip to Aikens, I am sure we can find a great time in the first half of September for you!  And if you're thinking August, you never know... we might be able to fit you into one of the few time slots left!   We look forward to keeping everyone up to date with more frequent updates as we get busy again.  See you again soon, Pit