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Aikens well represented at Voyageur Games

Feb 19, 2010

Aikens lake competed Thursday night in the “Concours du Meilleur”. The winner of the tournament is bestowed the title of “The best Voyageur”. The meet is part of Winnipeg’s “Festival du Voyageur”. It pits contestants in traditional events necessitating a mix of balance, wit, speed and brawn.

The preliminary choosing of Aikens’ contingent was done at the lake last August. Guide David Smith and our Sales Manager Patrick Trudel won first and second place. Pat however did not compete in the games in Winnipeg (Patrick is in Dallas with Pit for a sportshow).  Bruno Maynard took Pat's place.  This year we had a surprise entry to keep the guys on their toes....Chef Elise decided to throw her hat in the ring.  At first we suspect she did it just for fun, but everyone quickly learned she was the one to watch!  So we decided that instead of a two man team, we would enter a two man, one woman team in the games.  They worked valiantly to bring a win back to the lake. Needless to say, the Aikens fans formed a large contingent of supporters as our team squared off in the hopes of taking home the prestigious title.


The guys managed to win a few bouts here and there in the men's competition, but in the end, they finished just out of the finals cut.  Chef Elise was very nervous when the women's competition started, but she gained her confidence as she won more and more matches.  She even got to the women's finals of the tug of war and won the finals of the wood sawing.  Her time even beat some of the men competitors times.  Chef Elise won second place for the evening which gets her in the finals on Saturday afternoon for the women's competition.  We encourage anyone who is available to go cheer her on at the Club St. B! Go Chef Elise!!!

Congrats to all our competitors and thank you to the Aikens family for coming out and cheering on their team! The Festival du Voyageur is a great time to soften the winter blues and to revel in the “Joie de Vivre”. If ever you’re in Winnipeg in mid February, be sure to check it out. You’ll surely run into some Aikens folks who will be glad to share their cheer and their Caribou with you!february-137_low-res.jpgfebruary-195_low-res.jpgfebruary-236_low-res.jpg