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Aikens on TV: Watch “Lindner’s Angling Edge” Episode Filmed at Aikens

May 4, 2019

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is no stranger to high-class praise from major sources in the fishing world. In-Fisherman’s Doug Stange called Aikens “still the finest all-around experience I’ve ever had on a fly-in” while rival publication North American Fisherman named Aikens one of the top five fishing destinations in the world. Today, we’re pleased to share that another of the most reputable voices in the fishing world just cast a vote of confidence our way. “Lindner’s Angling Edge” popular TV show visited us to film an episode and the result was awesome TV action at Aikens and very kind words from the well-respected folks in Camp Lindner.

Click here to watch the entire episode online – it’s always fun to see familiar faces, fishing spots and activities from your vacation destination featured on TV. Like many of our guests, the folks at “Lindner Angling Edge” were excited to enjoy great fishing and memorable times at our slice of paradise.

“Ever since my first conversation with Pit I’ve been cranked in and ready to go,” said co-host Jeremy Smith. “Every trip into Canada is an experience, and this was no exception.”

Throughout the episode, you see glimpses of the lodge, dining room and even a quick interview with Pit. We enjoyed visiting with the Lindner Angling Edge crew throughout their stay, hearing their stories and seeing their approach and fishing expertise first-hand. In turn, the TV stars had a blast at Aikens and caught a boatload of quality walleyes.

Smith and fishing partner Pete Przepoia, Product Specialist Director at Daiwa, fished both independently and with Aikens pro-staff guide JB. They made the episode informative by targeting walleyes on the move, primarily in the shallows. The show is titled “Transitional Walleyes” and the Lindner crew arrived at Aikens when walleyes were both shallow and deep.

Smith and Przepoia break down their approach to finding walleyes on what was an entirely new lake system to them. They started by trolling cranks to cover water, and when they spotted walleyes in 2-feet of water they stopped, cast jerkbaits, and promptly started catching fish.

“It’s really fun to catch them in 2-feet of water like bass fishing,” Smith said. In addition to the cranks and jerkbaits, the duo also had much success pitching a 1/8-ounce VMC Moon Eye Jig with a Cane Thumper plastic by Big Bite Baits.

The pros explain they like this setup for its versatility; it’s a bait you can fish slowly with traditional vertical jigging once you’re on fish or relatively quickly – pitching it in the shallows and swimming it back – if you’re still in search mode for those transitional ’eyes.

Like many of our guests, they also witnessed a fairly common occurrence: catching a mid-sized walleye with major chomp marks and a visual reminder of the giant pike prowling Aikens Lake.

Unsurprisingly, they also frequently enjoyed another common occurrence: an Aikens Lake double with both guests catching quality walleyes at the exact same time.

“That’s why you come here,” Smith said after an exciting shallow-water double.  “Feel like the best angler in the world.”

Click here to watch the full episode.