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New and Improved for 2015

Feb 13, 2015

As our friends and guests know, we take pride in upgrading the “Aikens Experience” each year. This year is no different as we’re excited about new boats, motors and major updates to our cabins for the 2015 season.

“Each year Pit and his staff work hard to create new cabins and new offerings for the guests and this is definitely noticeable,” said repeat guest Jesse Bleeman, of Toronto, Ontario. “The boats are world class for efficiency and comfort, and the cabins are roomy and comfortable. The staff do such a great job with service and keeping the property in tip-top shape that it feels like a 5-star hotel every day.”

Bleeman, owner of lure company LunkerHunt, is a good judge; his group of fishing buddies have been mainstays at Aikens. One member of Bleeman’s group, who we will keep anonymous for the sake of marital harmony, famously made this statement about the importance of his annual Aikens trip: “We plan our wives’ pregnancies around this trip,” he said. “The last thing you want is your wife to be due on September 1 when you’re supposed to go to Aikens in mid-August, cause then you can’t go on the trip!”

For those of you who have planned properly and can join us again in 2015, there are several significant improvements to look forward to. Our stellar carpenter, Grant, was busy this past season with a handful of big projects, the first of which was completely remodeling the washrooms in the Park Place suites to create a luxurious white pine interior. After a full day of catching fish, guests will now find it extra refreshing to enjoy the new, large tiled showers.

We also re-built the shore lunch canopy at Arrowhead Beach, and did some structural work under Great Grey Owl. Grant also built a new dining table and island for the kitchen to create a more open layout.

The final project was started last August and will be completed this spring––expanding the Orion cabin that is both residence and office for Patrick, Janelle and their two sons. The 700-square-foot extension was overdue and with the arrival of Patrick and Janelle’s baby Arthur in January, the timing couldn’t be better.


“One thing a lot of people don’t realize about my job is that Oscar is actually my boss,” Patrick said. The extra space for Janelle and Patrick––and their boss––will certainly be utilized and appreciated.

Get There Faster

For 2015, we’ve decided to swap out our 50hp Yamaha motors for a brand new supply of 60hp motors to help our guests get to the hot spot even faster. Last year, we bought new 30 hp motors for our evening fishing boats, as well as 70hp Yamahas for our larger Lund Alaskan guide boats.

We also bought four beautiful, 16-foot Lund SSV’s with smooth 20hp Yamahas for the exclusive use of our Lost Lake Outpost guests.

“The Lost Lake Outpost is a spectacular cabin,” said guest Paul Capecchi, of St. Paul, Minnesota, who for the past 15 years has taken one or two trips a year to different Canadian fishing lodges. “Everything about it, including the boats and motors, is first-rate. You won’t find a nicer cabin at a remote fly-in than the Lost Lake Outpost.”

From the accommodations to the equipment to the service, it all contributes to the “Aikens Experience.” And we can’t wait for the 2015 season!