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Aikens Mollies and Dollies Open Camp

May 17, 2008

Ice piling up on inspiration point… 3 hours later it had all melted.

Well, what a day it has been! Today, the Aikens opening crew received a massive influx of able-bodied help. By twelve o’clock, a dozen extra Aikens veterans were hard at work. Plumbing, electrical, housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance, boats, office and hunting departments all had many hands on deck. Much was achieved and the lodge is ever closer to being ready to host its much revered clientèle.

This week lives in lore and legend at Aikens and is a very important tradition. For two decades Aikens has relied on the generosity of a select few to help usher in the new season. For these volunteers no task is too tall, no job too tough. This week-long blitz offers the lodge the peace-of-mind necessary to greet its first guests on May 24th.

But, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The current Aikens residents worked through hard weather and high winds, only to celebrate their first evening with a five-star meal from Chef Jimmy and Élise. They then proceeded to enjoy the bounties of the Back Bay or the night-life in the newly-populated Big Molly’s Bar.

As far as the fishing is concerned, the ice broke off the main lake Friday afternoon. The big west wind crushed the ice into the beach and in a matter of one afternoon practically all the ice that had covered 3/4 of the lake was gone! The Back Bay is 49 degrees whereas the main lake is 41.Walleyes arePoint holds a girthy Laker spawning and are quite sluggish, but, the dock bite has been warming up. Tonight, Points (in his third year at Aikens now) angled the largest fish of the season as of yet - a large 32.5” Lake Trout! Congratulations Pascal, but hopefully that fish won’t hold up for a long time.

Stay tune for new Aikens updates!