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Aikens joins an auction juggernaut

Jan 24, 2011

Barret-Jackson Auto Auction

Aikens Lake Wilderness LodgeAikens Lake Wilderness LodgeMany of you a very familiar with our usual tradeshow schedule. We travel to various U.S. and Canadian destinations promoting the benefits of a world-class fly-in adventure to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. These shows are almost always centered around a fishing/hunting/outdoors theme.  OK, let's think outside the box. Our partners in Scottsdale, Arizona came up with an exciting new venue to add to our Sport show roster. The Barrett-Jackson Car Auction is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. This incredible event amasses thousands upon thousands of car aficionados that come to see (and bid on) the most sought-after collectible vehicles. The auctioneer's gavel doesn't only bring in likely buyers, but also all walks of vendors, suppliers and exhibitors. It is no surprise that Aikens finds itself promoting it's high class adventures at a high class event. Aikens' winning combination of service, luxury and amazing fishing are a sure-fire recipe for an amazing vacation. With such a fantastic attendance and the presence of our very own co-owners (Chris Jensen and Jeff Hahn) in the booth, we're very pleased with our participation at this unique Arizonian event.

 Aikens Lake Lodge President Mr. Chris Jensen!

Check out a short clip about the Auction: Joining with the Barrett-Jackson Auction is another exciting chapter added to the Aikens off-season calendar. For future reference: Have Gavel, Will Travel!