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Aikens Head Guide Spotlight : Austin Los

Jan 25, 2021

To lead a team of young men through a season of guiding is a tall task. No worries, we’ve got just the guy. A head above the rest (literally), Austin Los is an avid outdoorsman, a seasoned traveller, a passionate conversationalist, and a gifted musician, to name but a few of his many unique qualities. 

Add to that, in our humble opinion, one of Austin’s greatest skillsets is his impressive ability to land big fish in the boat. 


To borrow a hockey cliché, our current Head Guide has an undeniable “nose for the net” so to speak. He is consistently developing new patterns and techniques to maximise his guests experience and time on the lake. As any true fishing gearhead, he can recite to you an entire tackle store catalog from memory. Depth, speed, presentation are instinctively ingrained in each cast. He leaves no quarter for the bountiful quarry in Aikens Lake.


We our profoundly proud of our entire team of Aikens All-Stars. We often speak of them as our family and Austin is an integral part of that assertion.


That said, we are pleased to present you a video showcasing  Mr. Austin Los and his time at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. Enjoy!