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A&E… Shuffleboard Champs!

Jun 14, 2008

Aisha and Elise with the Baxter brothers Brendan and Sean The Champs are here! Big Molly's Bar, as we all know, is the place where guests and staff like to kick back and reminisce about the day's fishing stories and all the good times they've had here at Aikens Lake. Lately, however, there is a new topic of seems everyone wants to talk about the shuffleboard champions, Aisha and Elise. They are on an incredible run since the beginning of the season. Over the past three weeks, they have taken on some pretty competitive opponents and have systematically dissected them... In fact they have yet to be defeated! They never back down! Previous challengers, like the smooth brother duo Bee-Renden and Sean Juan attempted to steal their thunder but as skill would have it, they came away humbled by pure shuffleboard prowess. And as for the professional hockey superstar Jonathan Toews, let's just say he should stick to the pucks on the ice and leave the shuffleboard pucks for those who know how to use them! So this is an open challenge for those of you who think they can take down this power house team, they are ready for any challenger - big or small! Luv you all, Aisha and Elise (Team A&E)