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5 trophy day, walleyes stacked up on reefs!

Aug 6, 2007

Walleyes stacked on MOFN reefA girthy Master Angler walleyeJoanne's 2nd trip, Joanne's 2nd Master Angler!

Yesterday was quite a productive day for the guides at Aikens Lake. After pounding on new spots like South Shore and MOFN reef, their efforts were finally rewarded with five trophy walleyes being reeled in today! MOFN produced a 29" and a 28.25", South Shore produced two 28", and the last one was caught at the mouth of the river. Fish were all over the map, with some shallow in 20 feet and all the way down close to 40! However, the majority were caught in between 27-35 feet of water, meaning that they are moving deeper as we get closer to the fall fishing season (that's weird to say because it's only early August!). These spots didn't just produce trophies, but dozens and dozens of fish in the 24-27.5" range as well! The hot ticket right now is jigging with either a minnow or a crawler. Leeches, my old favorite, have been a little slow but I'm sure they'll pick up soon. Fishing leeches on a black jig is deadly in the summertime!

Double-header monsters!A heavenly pose with a 29

Another technique that has really been successful thus far this year has been to bottom bounce spinner rigs with crawlers and minnows. An under-utilized technique in the past, bottom bouncing is enjoying a renaissance at Aikens this year. We are really looking forward to the month of September when the large flats at Chris's Corner and Gilligan's Island will be perfect areas for this technique to bring in monster walleyes!