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Winter Newsletter and DVD mailout to arrive shortly!

janv. 9, 2007

Hello everyone. I know that some of you must be wondering where in the world your newsletter and mailout is! Well, with the birth of Martin at the end of December, I'm sure you'll forgive us if we had other things on our minds! However, we did a big push last week and mailed out nearly 1,400 pieces on Wednesday. Some of you may already have received the mailout, for the others I'm sure it is just a day or two away!

Enclosed you will find our brochure, newsletter, rate sheet, specials sheet, and DVD. The newsletter gives updates on fishing, construction, sportshow schedules, border crossing, and the "Aikens family"! The big prize in the mailout however has to be the DVD. The PWT allowed us to copy their two episodes involving the PWT Aikens Lake Celebrity Shootout. It's really fun to watch the best walleye fishermen in the world on Aikens Lake fishing with celebrities! Please enjoy the show and give us your feedback! If you don't receive a package by the end of the week, please call us to verify that we have all your correct contact info! Take care and see you at the shows!