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Winnipeg Shorelunch a success!

mars 21, 2007

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This year, we decided to do something totally new for the Winnipeg market... we hosted a corporate shorelunch for our past, present, and hopefully future guests! The event was at the Granite Curling Club in downtown Winnipeg, and was MC'd by the "Voice of the Goldeyes" and good friend Paul Edmonds. We held a short 20 minute presentation followed by a mouth-watering shorelunch! For the presentation, Pit and Julie spoke about all of the different experiences that make up the "Aikens Experience". Gerry spoke about the history of the lodge and its dedication to "green" solutions. Jimmy tantalized the crowd with tales of what they could expect in the culinary department. Finally, Pat had the crowd roaring with his take on being guided at Aikens! Paul did a wonderful job in helping us through our presentation in a very cohesive and quick manner, then shared his own experiences at Aikens. Lorraine, Denis and Points took care of the registration, serving, and babysitting duties during the presentations!

It was good that Paul bridged our presentations quickly and efficiently, because we were holding up the real reason that people were there... fresh lemon-pepper/cajun/and beerbatter walleye! It was a great meal and made us want the snow to melt at once so we could head up to the lodge! At the end of lunch, we drew for a trip for two. One of the participants from the shorelunch made the draw, and it was announced that our friend (and a client that hasn't made it up to Aikens for the last few seasons) Mr. Roger Hogue had won a trip for two this summer! He was so very thrilled and we are looking forward to hosting him again in 2007! Thanks to everyone who came to the shorelunch, and a big thankyou to the "Aikens Family" that helped us put on such a great event.