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Video Spotlight: GGO (Great Gray Owl) Mini-Lodge

févr. 2, 2020

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has been named one of the top 5 fishing destinations in North America, and beyond our spectacular setting, world-class fishing and hard-working staff, a key differentiator is our ability to customize your stay to deliver precisely the luxury experience you want. To that end, our Great Gray Owl (GGO) Mini-Lodge is unique to the industry and further enhances our capacity to tailor your trip and exceed your expectations. (There’s a reason most of our clients re-book!)

We are proud to share with you this new video spotlight highlighting our GGO Mini-Lodge. The folks at Travel Manitoba did a great job producing this must-see video, which brings to life the unique advantages of a bespoke getaway at Aikens’s very own GGO.  

Aikens guest, Alyse Schoeffel, may say it best in her on-camera interview with this quote: “There is no other place that you can have what you have here.” 

Indeed, GGO sits in perfect harmony between the main lodge experience and an extremely modern outpost cabin.

In this video, Ms. Schoeffel’s father and long-time Aikens guest Dan Greteman shares wonderful stories about his family’s Aikens Experience at GGO.

“I think this place is fabulous. Unbelievable. I saw this place get built, and I was in awe,” Mr. Greteman said. “What better place to spend time with your children? It’s hard to explain, except the joy in my heart.”

In fact, Mr. Greteman shares an extended testimonial in another quick video you can watch here.

For one last tease before you watch the video, consider this quote by Aikens co-owner Patrick Trudel about the unique mini-lodge.

“GGO is a hybrid between an outpost and a full service lodge,” said Patrick. “You have hosts that take care of the meals and the housekeeping and the maintenance. And the guides come across the lake in the morning, take you fishing, do shore lunch, have a great day on the lake. Then in the evening after dinner is served to you, you have the whole place to yourself. So you have the beautiful exclusivity of a standalone cabin outpost setting on the south side of Aikens, yet you also have the benefits of all the services and amenities of a luxury lodge.”

Click here to watch the full video.

If interested in learning more about GGO, click here for an informative video with Patrick as well as co-owner Pit Turenne for more details on what a GGO trip could look like for you.