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Two weeks away from opening!

avr. 26, 2009

Aikens Lake Wilderness LodgeSeagull standing on the ice

Sunset over iceThe countdown is in full swing! Plans to open Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge on May 6th are in motion. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for warm weather to expedite the melting of a long winter's ice. Some of you might recall our three day delay last year (knock on wood). With flood waters running rampant in Southern Manitoba, one can only guess as to what Mother Nature has in store for us. We will update you on the status of the ice as soon as more reports from up North come in. In a perfect setting, here's the short list of that first day's events:
  • Land in Back BayBluewater’s Turbine Otter landing in the Back Bay
  • Walk through assessment of the camp
  • Fire up generator, quads and hot water system
  • Open cabins and move in
  • Set up communications
  • Drop in two boatsPit trolling near ice for lakers
  • Fire up BBQ
  • Eat
  • Go fishing...
  • Shower up
  • Dream of the season ahead of us
2008 edition of the Aikens Lake StaffMeanwhile, the office has been abuzz with Spring activity. Staff members reporting for duty, guests calling in for more Aikens info, various runs to all walks of suppliers... All this with under two weeks to go! 2009 is set to be another banner year for the lodge. Excited fishermen the world over are chomping at the bit, dreaming of their first cast of '09 season. We have numerous promotions and new staff members to announce. However, we are pleased to tell you that the bulk of the "Aikens Team" will be returning for this Summer's operations. First guests will arrive at Aikens on May 23rd Keep checking the newsletter  regularly as the number of new postings will be increasing once the season is underway.  Léo has been amassing a few Otter flights worth of equipment to upgrade the facilities at the lodge and at Great Gray Owl.  Many of these add-ons will be in place for our first  guests arrival on May 23th. This Spring is set to be a flurry of exciting work that will see the lodge become an even more inviting "Fishing Destination". T-minus a fortnight and the 2009 Master Angler count will be awaiting your entry on its highly sought-after pages.