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Turbo's leaving for Phoenix!

oct. 22, 2007

Turbino and Wally Do you know his REAL name?Rocking in Big Molly’s Bar

For six years one of Aikens' most esteemed employees came to the lake every May ready to shine and deliver top-notch service. Pascal Breton, a.k.a. Turbo, is viewed as being a cornerstone of the "Aikens Experience". His endless smiling attitude and "good enough is never enough" mantra inspired everyone who's ever worked along side him to try and keep up with Turbo-man. Let me tell you from experience, trying to match Turbo's pace is no easy feat! Be it guiding 100 days a season or toting his guitar to Big Molly's for one of his countless shows, Turbo never ceases to impress.

Turbo and his first trophy pikePascal is bringing his exemplary work ethic south of the (Canadian) border. He is moving to Arizona to begin a new chapter in his already impressive life-story. With a little help from our partners at the Aviary Group, Turbo landed a job in the real-estate market and will be hitting the ground running as of Nov. 1st. For those of you who know this guy, you're well aware of the skill, confidence, charisma and ambition that this young man exudes! And those of you who don't, it shouldn't take you long to figure out how he got his nickname!

Smiling cement crew Turbo, we wish you all the best of luck and success in Phoenix. You're an exceptional friend and worker, and we're sure you'll impress all of those that cross your path! Hey Arizona, tie up your boot-straps tight, you're about to get a Turbo-fueled dynamo unleashed upon you!


ps. Turbo, I'll keep a Lund key tucked away in case you get a weekend off this summer.