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Trophy walleye caught during shorelunch

juil. 24, 2010

Tony’s 29″ walleye caught while relaxing during shorelunch! We have started noticing a new pattern at Aikens.  Since early July, some big walleyes have been hanging out in very shallow water.  They are doing this in the middle of the day - even when it is calm with a bright sun!  Maybe this is due to our really high water (Note: the water level seems to have peaked - it has sat about 1" under our dock for the past week and hopefully will begin it's yearly descent soon.)  Maybe it is due to a change in baitfish and forage.  Or maybe it's just something we never noticed before! That said, it is a very cool sight to see big fish swimming around in their natural environment as if they were in an aquarium.  One such place to do this is at the GGO Shorelunch site.  It only seems to be larger fish (22" and bigger) that hang around.  They cruise around the shallows looking for minnows and other forage.  One day last week was particularly interesting because it was more than just one or two fish - but a school of half a dozen walleyes all between 3-9 lbs.  As the guides were up on the rock filleting the shorelunch fish, the guests were crowded around the water's edge watching their own personal nature show! One of the guests decided to cast a line into this frenzy, and lo and behold the first ever trophy walleye was caught from the rocks at GGO!!!  We have posted the video to our Youtube page.  Click on the link to see the video (careful for young ears as the language is strong while everyone cheers on Tony!)  For those of you that saw the trophy listing and were wondering where the "Butcher Shop" was on Aikens, it is the cutting area of the GGO shorelunch site!  We don't know if this is a one-time occurrence this year or how long this might continue, but for right now it is quite a sight to behold.  Enjoy the video! Link: