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Triple-Trophy Day for father and son

juin 5, 2007

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Steve and Brad White are already Aikens Lake veterans, having each caught a trophy in their “rookie season” last summer. However, even in their wildest dreams they didn’t imagine to have a day like this on Aikens! Fishing with Pat, they sat on Chris’s Corner all day (literally all day!) and caught huge walleye and trout non-stop. By jigging and trolling the 45 foot range, they pounded big fish all day. Steve estimates that out of the 50 or so fish they caught, at least 40 of them were slot sized or larger! Here’s a recap of their fantastic day:

Walleyes: 31”, 28.25”, 28”, 2 @ 27.5”, 6 @ 27”, who knows how many @ 25-26”.

Trout: 33”, 31”, 2@ 30”, who knows from 26-30”!!!

White 038s.jpgWhite 036s.jpg

The big 31” walleye was caught shortly after shorelunch by Brad. Steve, his father, was not to be outdone so he landed the other two trophy walleye later that afternoon. What a great day of fishing for some very deserving people! Congratulations on all the big fish and the even bigger smiles.