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Hunter and Cole kids


The Young At Heart

sept. 13, 2015

There’s something special about seeing a kid catch her first fish, make a perfect cast, or get that amazed look when they hook into their first big trophy fish. You never know what they’ll say, how they’ll react or when they’ll burst into giddy laughter.

We love seeing a huge grin spread across a kid’s face as they enjoy an aspect of The Aikens Experience that is completely new to them. For many of our guests, the best part of their trip is seeing their children light up.

“The highlight of my trip was watching my 5-year-old son Hunter catch a 24-inch walleye off the dock all by himself, and seeing his twin-brother Cole land it for him,” Aikens owner Chris Jensen said of his trip a year ago. “On that trip I had one of the all-time great pike days, catching lots of big pike up to 45 inches longs, but seeing the kids have so much fun was the best part of the whole thing.”

Jim Deleeuw, of Wisconsin, not only brought his daughter to Aikens this past season, he also brought three of his grandchildren: Taylor (17), Nick (15) and Audrey (8).

“Aikens is the perfect place for a family trip,” said Jim. “The cabins are the best we’ve ever been in, the lodge is beautiful, and when you’re bringing kids it’s really convenient to have the lodge provide all the fishing gear for your group.”

Jim has actually spent the past two Father’s Days at Aikens, and will be back again next Father’s Day with more family and friends. His grandkids were a big hit among our waitresses and fishing guides.

“One of the guides happened to be a school teacher, so he would teach my granddaughter Audrey card tricks at night in Big Molly’s,” Jim said. Audrey also had fun playing with Annika, Marty and Natasha and jumping on the trampoline, but make no doubt about it: this girl can fish.

“She goes fishing the whole time we do,” said Jim. “She does a great job, and has a lot of fun.”

Of course, the Aikens Experience is about making your time off the water as enjoyable as your time on the water––and that goes for kids, too.

“We love having kids up here,” said Pit. “I know from growing up here and raising my family here what a cool place Aikens is for kids, and that goes well beyond the fishing. There’s so much to do here from swimming to the shorelunches to campfires to playing shuffleboard and eating popcorn at Big Molly’s. Heck, even the plane ride to get here is a cool experience.”

Thanks to everyone who brought their children to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge this past season. We always enjoy seeing how much they’ve grown up from one year to the next, and we work hard to try to give them the best possible Aikens Experience.

As we wrap up the 2015 season in the next few weeks, we wanted to share a few of our favorite kid photos from this past year. The smiles say it all!