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The Pojas receive their Specialist rods

sept. 3, 2005

For the past 15 years, the Pojas have been a regular visitor to Aikens Lake. Mike, the grandfather (86), has brought along a multitude of friends over the years... but the mainstays have always been his boys Marc and Scott, along with grandson Justin (Marc's son). The four of them have accounted for 24 trophies over the years! Unfortunately, Marc passed away a few years ago but his memory lives on through his family. They continue to look forward to their trips and really enjoy their time at Aikens Lake together. Tonight, we presented Mike with his special St-Croix "Aikens Lake Walleye Specialist Rod" (pictured above). Mike has landed 11 trophy walleyes at Aikens Lake over the years. In his day, Marc had been quite a good fisherman as well, having boated 5 trophy walleye. In memory to Marc and his fishing prowess, we presented a special "walleye specialist" rod to his son Justin. Justin can now use this rod to achieve his walleye specialist in the future. Congratulations to all and keep the trophies coming!