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The boys move in!

mai 27, 2006

The big move-in day has come and gone, and the boys have now completely moved in to their new digs at "Le Canot"!  Although much work remains to be done, the boys have the basic essentials and have begun crafting their own closets, shelves, and whatever else they can think of! During the move, there was a full-scale pillaging of the camp's dressers and shelves last night!  In what seemed like a rat race for survival, everyone was scrounging around to retrieve the furniture from their old cabins.  Some of the guys that were left in the dust early ended up finding some gems in seldom used storage areas.  The boys were all very creative with their decorating, and now banners, posters, hockey jerseys, and even an old lighted Club Beer sign were found to put on the wall!  The new cabin will not lack any fun, as they have inherited both the lodge's electronic dartboard and Pit's foosball table from Winnipeg!  The main level's living room was used for the first staff meeting of the year last night and there was plenty of room for everyone!