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Bill Poland lake trout 38


The Biggest Fish of 2019

oct. 5, 2019

Aikens Lake has been named one of the top five fishing experiences in the world by multiple publications, and while our “world-class service and accommodations” factor into the ranking, it is the lake’s ability to produce trophy-size walleye, pike and lake trout that earned us such honors.

2019 was another stellar year for catch-and-release trophy fishing at Aikens, with many of our guests catching the biggest fish of their lives!

As is our tradition, we’d like to recognize those individuals who caught the single biggest fish of each species this past year at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. Please join us in congratulating the men and women below; there are some truly remarkable catches.

And remember: Other than a couple eater fish kept for daily shorelunch, all fish caught at Aikens are promptly released after a quick photo with the best conservation techniques carefully followed to ensure these trophy fish are currently swimming at large, ready for you to chase again next year.

Walleye: 30.5 inches

Mr. Aaron Crabtree, Chillicothe, OH
Trophy caught and released on July 6 with a jig and minnow with just 20 minutes left of fishing for the day.


Pike: 45 inches

Ms. Audrey Hoeschen, Milwaukee, WI
Trophy caught and released on June 15 on a sucker minnow on a sunny day in Secret Bay.


Lake Trout: 38 inches

Mr. Bill Poland, San Francisco, CA
Trophy caught and released on August 24 on a minnow at 10am on a windy day.

Editor’s Note: We typically exclude guides from this list, but this year rookie guide Zac Jeaurond caught a trophy lake trout by himself in his first week exploring and learning Aikens Lake that we felt compelled to include. Better yet, another boat was nearby to capture a photo.

Lake Trout: 41 inches

Mr. Zac Jeaurond, Rockyview County, Alberta
Trophy caught and released on May 31 at 9:30pm on a perch-patterned Rapala Tail Dancer.


Whitefish: 25.5 inches

Mr. Gordon Nickel, Solsgirth, Manitoba
Trophy caught and released on June 10 on a jig and minnow at Fastwaters.


Burbot: 31 inches

Mr. Mike Rodstrom, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Trophy caught and released on September 8 on a glow jig at Pit’s Point, guided by Pit, in 63 feet of water.

Sucker: 24.5 inches

Ms. Elaine Green, Brandon, Manitoba
Trophy caught and released on June 10 with a bottom bouncer on a cloudy, windy day in Back Bay.