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The "big ten" for Raz!

août 16, 2009

Raz strikes again! His tenth trophy Walleye! It seems every year we have another exploit to announce about our distinguished guest Orazio Nastase. He arrived on Wednesday the 12th in company of his lovely wife of 35 years, Martha. Raz & Martha's welcome at the dock included many staff members adorned with rubber boots (see previous newsletter article) and big smiles. It seems Raz's good fortune on Aikens was enough to convince Martha to try her hand at angling an Aikens monster for herself. That, she wasted no time in doing!Martha's first Trophy Walleye on her first day on Aikens! After her first day on the lake, she accomplished what many fishermen only dream of. With pictures and pride in tow, Martha graciously accepted her first Aikens Lake trophy mug for her massive 28" walleye off MOFN Reef. Raz, who sometimes can be a tad satirical, couldn't hide his pleasure in seeing his wife boat the lunker. Day one: success. Raz was behind the eight ball. Not wanting to be outdone, he set out to capture his own landmark event. Again, no time was wasted! His second bite of the morning and... BAM! A sturdy 28" Middle Gull Walleye inhaled his minnow. Our head guide Tyler had been watching that fish on his Lowrance for the better part of an hour, and their patience paid off. Net, measurement and pictures preceded the satisfactory realization that with that fish Raz had just put his hand on his tenth trophy Walleye on Aikens Lake! Annika and Martin give Raz his Double Specialist rod.Back at the lodge, Pit & Julie conferred as to how they should honor this historical feat. Aikens gives away a St.Croix Tournament Legend rod to all of the guest who specialize in Walleyes here (5 Master Angler fish). Raz received his in 2005. Now they had to figure out a gesture to reward Orazio for his angling prowess. Well...  Earlier this season a very special rod made its way to the lodge. It's short, pink, has flashing lights, and has the name Barbie stuck on it. An unforgettable benchmark deserves an unforgettable rod! After handing him his picture and his trophy mug, Annika and Martin surprised Raz with his "Double Specialist" Rod. Now that's a trophy fit for the mantle! This is Raz's 13th trophy fish on Aikens (ten walleyes, two Pike and a Burbot) in nine trips. A baker's dozen, with no signs of letting up. Let's hope he keeps his drive alive. Maybe for a challenge he should try out his new rod on the lake, you know, just to give the fish a chance! Congrats Raz & Martha, we're all quite proud to see you do so well.