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Super-Bowl Champ wins Chicken Toss!

juil. 23, 2004

Jon Hesse, a former NFL middle-linebacker, tonight achieved the greatest pinnacle in sporting history. Nevermind that he was part of the Elway-led 1997 Denver Broncos Super-Bowl winning team, tonight in front of dozens of adoring fans Hesse won the famous Chicken Toss. For those who need to be brought up to speed, a new tradition has been born at Aikens this summer - and it starts with a rubber chicken. Late at night, these birds can be seen taking flight in the clubroom, hopefully to land in a soup pot. Each throw costs a dollar, and the winner takes all. Despite being the 6th winner of the evening, Hesse did rake in the largest pot... a $22 windfall. Said Hesse: "This is the greatest achievement of my life, even more presitigious than that Super Bowl thing or whatever it's called". The staff at Aikens couldn't agree more. Jon Hesse, you are a true champion. Those rubber chickens are hot on you, player.