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Staff takes a leap

juil. 28, 2006

July 140s.jpgJuly 150s.jpgJuly 134s.jpg Have you ever jumped off the high diving board at the pool (30ft)?  Have you ever jumped from trout island's 30 foot cliff... a perch that gives you a bird's eye view of all of Aikens and a few surrounding lakes?  The sight is exhilirating, as is the jump!  Our staff decided that the best way for everyone to experience this was to go and jump off trout island "en masse".  The "team" atmosphere certainly helped sway the minds of some of our staff who were having second thoughts once they had climbed up!  Everyone had a great time, and the only person to get injured was Andre... but that was because he stubbed his toe climbing up to the top!   Some of the braver people decided to jump multiple times, and then started naming their jumps.  DG scared the crowd, not to mention his girlfriend Natasha, by naming one jump "infertility".  You can see him in the picture on the right.  Thankfully he didn't forget to close up those legs!